Friday 45: Carl Carlton – I Can Feel It

After 3 weeks away without a Friday 45, I had to make up for lost time, so I turned to Carl and this beast of a 7″.

Carlton is probably most famous for his 80s output, including Everlasting Love and She’s A Bad Mama Jama, but for me there is no touching this Back Beat 45 from 1970. When he was first signed as a 15 year old he was billed as “Little” Carl Carlton in a mirroring of Stevie Wonder, whose vocal style Carlton is heavily influenced by. Aged the 17 Detroit native, was signed up by the Texas label Back Beat and produced “I Can Feel It”, one of my favourite Soul 7″s of all time.

Interestingly, the legendary Detroit producers Bridges, Knight & Eaton, responsible for so many classic Soul recordings, may be uncredited songwriters on this track.


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