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Soul 45s Mix

As soon as i’d put my Deep Soul 45s mix out in February, I knew I wanted partner it with a selection of more upbeat 45s. So four months later here it is, just in time for the Summer months. 20 of my most treasured and loved Soul tracks committed to record, from Funky and Mid Tempo, to full on Northern Soul dancefloor numbers.

I toyed with the idea of a purely Detroit Soul mix at first. So much great music was created in the shadows of Motown that didn’t get the attention it deserved, that it would have been easy to have 100% Detroit 45s, but there were a few 45s from New York, New Orleans, Texas and Memphis that had to make it in, which means nearly all the big Soul cities are represented. As it stands 13 of the 20 are still Detroit cuts, with 14 tracks coming out between ’66-’69, which really illustrates just how much great music was being made at that time.

It was great fun putting this together, and finally having 20 of my all time favourite 45s, that i’ve collected over the past 10 years, in one mix. We kick off with possibly my favourite 45 ever, the searing Soul of “Ticket To The Moon” by Betty Lavette , crushing drums and a heart wrenching vocal like only she can deliver, before moving through some fine Detroit Soul from J.J Barnes, Dee Edwards, The Parliaments, The Monitors, The Superlatives and another all time favourite from Ivy Jo.

I could talk you through the whole thing, but it’s only 52 minutes in total, so turn it up and enjoy!!


Friday 45, Listen

Friday 45s: Syl Johnson – Everybody Needs Love

Today’s Friday 45 comes from Syl Johnson, a flipside to his 1971 single “That’s Why” on the Chicago label, Twinight. This was featured on my mix of Deep Soul from a few months back, which you can hear here, or later on Reform Radio, when it airs as OOQ pt.54.

Friday 45, Listen

Friday 45s: Betty Lavette – Ticket To The Moon


Crushing drums, heavy wah guitar from the legendary Dennis Coffey, and vocals like only Betty Lavette can deliver. This is no doubt one of the heaviest 45s I own.

When Betty Lavette re-released her seminal track “Let Me Down Easy”, reimagined as a heavy funk number  the writers at Karen Records, inspired by the recent Moon landings, penned “Ticket To The Moon” as the flipside.

The arrangement by Dale Warren (of Mowtown and latterly Stax) is incredible and the vocals powerful. I love how it always sounds like Lavette’s voice is on the verge of breaking, but she just contains it. It’s got a bluesy quality with a serious amount of soul and is so distinct.

Turn this one up!